Wallpaper It!

Interior Design

A tablet application to customize and visualize wallpaper in a home or business environment

Solving how to visually show client wallpapaper options

For many interior designers or home DIYers it's difficult to invision how a space will look when considering different wallpaper options. The Wallpaper It! App solves this through an interface that allows the client to easily define the space, select a wall and try different patterns or photos on the wall.
Information Flow
A flow model shows all of the different elements involved in the creation and decision making process, all key to the design of the application.
Defining a Space
When starting a new project the user has three options for how to define the space. For this flow they will select "Upload Floor Plan."
Camera Placement
The user then drags the camera to the space in the home they want to see in three dimensions.
Wallpaper Selection
Once in three dimensions the user can peruse or search through the images available for the wallpaper installation and easily visualize how it will look in the space.
Furniture Mode
They can also activate furniture mode to be able to see how the space will look with furniture.
Comment Mode
In comment mode the client and interior designer can easily chat about any issues they see.

Process Work

The process began with creating a flow and sequence model to better understand the process and people involved in choosing and installing wallpaper. Aterwards, I researched competitors in the field to get a grasp of the market space. From there I went into sketching mode, exploring different design possiblities which I then refined in illustrator.
Project Details

Timeline: 3 weeks

Project Areas: Model Creation, UX Design, Information Architecture, Visual Design

Tools: Sketching & Illustrator