FZ Analytics

Push + Data Platform

A web app for a digital media company to be able to track and publish online videos

Full Zoom wanted to expand their audiovisual services

Full Zoom, a digital media company located in Madeira, Portugal, are leaders in their local market creating audiovisual work. They were interested in expanding their current offerings to their clients by also doing all of the distrubution of their work. FZ Analytics Dashboard aims to resolve this by providing a push content platform and a place where they can afterwards track the video analytics.

Proposing a New User Journey

After interviews with multiple clients, three different user journeys were proposed to Full Zoom where the client experience was rethought with analytics and distribution in mind. Full Zoom then selected various elements of each journey for the final service design.

Filling the Holes in the Customer Blueprint

Based on the feedback we received from Full Zoom on the user journeys our suggestion was to add five new engagements (in blue) to the experience, including the Full Zoom Analytics + Push Content dashboard.
Full Zoom Analytics
Full Zoom can easily add a new client or can select an existing client. Company images for each makes it easy to find who they are looking for.
Publishing New Video
Full Zoom can upload a video and schedule when to publish it through whatever social media platform/s they choose.
Analytics Tracking
After publishing a video Full Zoom can see how the video is doing across all social media platforms. Based on this they can adjust their video campaigns.
Analytics Tracking II
A scroll down in the window reveals more analytics regarding viewer locations, search phrases, comment health and more.
Social Calendar
Full Zoom can also get a holistic view of all of its clients and their posting schedules through the calendar feature.

The Full Zoom Service Design Experience

The video encapsulates the new proposed Full Zoom service, from the first to final interaction the customer experiences.

Process Work

For this semester long project we started off by doing several interviews with the client, Full Zoom, and their customers. From there to better understand the scope we created a territory map, experience cycle, touchpoint model, stakeholder model and a business canvas model. From the insights we garnered from these models we proposed a new experience and did several iterations of the web app component.
Project Details

Timeline: 15 weeks

Client: Full Zoom- Media Company

Contributions: Research, Model Creation, Video Filming, Visual & UX Design

Tools: Illustrator, DSLR Video Camera