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Samsung Voice Assistant

Integrating Bixby with Uber and Expedia through simple voice commands

Looking for seamless ways to integrate Bixby with native apps

For our release of Bixby in the US Market I worked with Product Managers, Linguists, and Engineers to successfully integrate Bixby with Uber and Expedia. My work included defining voice commands, creating utterances, testing, reviewing commands generated and creating diagrams to define flows.
“Get me an Uber ride to SFO”
Bixby can quickly open up the Uber app and find the rider an Uber to their local airport.
"Find me a hotel in San Diego"
Through Bixby accessing Expedia the user can easily find a hotel room anywhere in the world.
“Show my promotions”
The rider can easily see their promotions in Uber through a single voice command to Bixby.
“Show Expedia Account”
Bixby can quickly find the traveler account information in the Expedia app.
Sample Phrases
In Bixby settings the user can easily find sample phrases that they can use to see everything they can do in Uber and Expedia throuh voice.
Project Details

Timeline: 4 months

Employee: Samsung Research America

Team: Nalena Santiago

Contributions: Research, utterance generation, and product testing

Tools: Linguistic skills