Enhanced Messsaging

An app for Community Liasons (CLs) that frees their time by making messaging more efficient.

CLs messaging environment is inefficient

CL that work at Auberle, a local non-profit in Pittsburgh that works with foster youth, are constantly messaging youth. Most of these messages they have to copy and paste the same message for each youth, wasting a lot of precious time. Boom N@ was created to faciliate messaging with features like tagging, scheduled messages and being able to start a two-way conversation with several people by just sending one blast.

Finding a Hole in the Communication Flow

A journey map of the work flow of a Community Liason demonstrated how the communication flow needed to be rethought.
Home Screen
From the home screen a CL is quickly able to scan the latest messages received or use one of the menu buttons to schedule a new message, create a new tag or browse contacts.
Adding Recipients
When writing a new message a CL is able to toggle between contacts and tags to select the recipients or they can just use the search function.
Viewing Scheduled Messages
A CL is able to view all scheduled messages through the "Scheduler" button. They can see who it will be sent to, date & time, and whether or not it's a tagged group.
Scheduling Messaging
When a message is scheduled for the future there is be a green calendar symbol that reminds the CL of the scheduled message.
Editing a Tag
CLs are easily able to edit tags by deleting or adding contacts. They can also change the tag name.
Editing a Contact
A CL can add or delete a contact tags in an intuitive manner. They can also update their contact information.

Research Methods

To better understand our client and to create a usable product we conducted 7 interviews, participated in DHS events, made an affinity map, created storyboards, made and tested paper, lo-fi and mid-fi prototypes, analyzed four years of text data, and conducted a design workshop.
Project Details

Timeline: 16 weeks

Client: Auberle- Human Services Agency

Contributions: Research, Paper Prototypes, Hi-Fidelity Prototypes, Visual Design, Click-through Prototypes

Tools: Illustrator, InDesign, Invision