Inventory Control

An app for EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) to facilitate managing their inventory and billing.

EMTs spend too much time managing their inventory

Everyday, EMTs spend over an hour doing a "rig check" where they go through an exhaustive check list making sure their ambulances are fully stocked. If they miss something on the list it might end up being a life-or-death situation. Similarly, after they attend a patient EMTs have to bill the patient and recall what supplies were used.

Solution: Weight sensors that track everything

At the end of each run weight sensors in each of the ambulance supply bins will detect if there is a change in weight and populate the app with what needs to be stocked and billed.
Easy Sign-In
Walter is easily able to sign in and choose the truck he is going to be using during his shift.
Big Picture
Once he is signed in, at a quick glance Walter is able to view all of the previous runs on the truck and what needs to be stocked and billed for each run.
Manage Stock
Walter clicks on the stock tab and
sees everything he needs to stock,
in list or grid view. He just taps on
the item to mark it as done.
Patient Billing
From his runs screen Walter clicks on the last run to get all of the billing details. He then refers to this as he fills out a patient billing form. Once he has completed it, he clicks on "Done."

Research Methods

To better understand the project space we interviewed an EMT and watched ride alongs. Afterwards, we did an affinity diagram with our findings which provided us with different application ideas. Once in the design phase we did lo-fi, mid-fi and hi-fi mockups. Our final deliverable also included design specifictions, information architecture and personas.
Project Details

Timeline: 6 weeks

Type: Group project for Interaction Design Fundamentals course

Team: Nalena Santiago, Jeffrey Harris, Avanti Dabholkar and Howard Hweekeun Lee

Contributions: Wireframes, Research, Visual Design, Click-through Prototype

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, Invision